The Geijutsu Audio

Kinoshita/Rey Audio is going towards the Geijutsu Audio.
Geijutsu will be in question of an eternal life.
Not staying only in playing sound back,
there is the divide where it warps to the spiritual world.
Important thing there is the deepness of the music breath.
Many famous performances come to alive, start talking eloquently
and pull those audiences inside.
Rey Audio has ascertained the meanings of audio
by being natural and by the scene to the infinity.
And now it seems reaching the point where we can feel
the art world Rey Audio headed for, up to where we can believe firmly that
audio has an eternal life as its own art.
Charm of combination and an interest pursuing the self way of sound
are talked often nowadays, however it may seem everything to match with your concept.
That disables for us to admit the great features within music.
The charm of music is that our spirit can float even in the world
where we haven't had the real experiences.
After all, the standard isn't yourself, and the nature is
the only subject which you can put yourself into,
and the only way to share the infinity with.
Rey Audio is breathing deeply.
Many excellent performances respond, with deep sensation.
Here we can be sure about the birth of new art,
beyond the era of experiments.
The great art appeared in the last 20 th century.
That is the "Geijutsu Audio"

Great Studio of the World
Emerald-J Nashville,TN
designed by Tom Hidley, RM-7VC, RM4BC
1996, photo by the courtesy of Emerald Studios

Great Studio od the World
Hitokuchizaka-1 Tokyo
designed by Shozo Kinoshita, RM-4B
1990, photo by the courtesy of Hitokuchizaka Studios